“We’re staying true to our original values: build great products, put the customer first and provide honest value every day”

Welcome to SASCOM, a leading home, lifestyle and industrial ecommerce distributor that focuses on supplying exclusive own label products, anchored on best value. We are a digital company with an advantage of massive data and geographical reach like no other.

SASCOM is an incredibly collaborative company driven by passionate and remarkable people. We are organised as a ‘start-up’ and we pride ourselves in having tremendous teamwork and expertise throughout our organisation. We are a multi-category, multi-language and a multi-platform products distributor. We guarantee you the BEST on price, quality and service.

Ecommerce is our bread and butter! Our vision is to be the ultimate own brand digital distributor as we aspire to supply great products for everyday people. It is our purposeful vision that puts people and nature at heart. Our ambition at all times is to create a better everyday life for the many, with big dreams and needs in life. No matter who you are or where you’re from, SASCOM is for the many.

SASCOM is a modern business and our brand portfolio focuses on delivering a broad range of functional, practical and innovative products. We consistently adhere to the ideas of quality first, customers foremost and we seek not to be the biggest, but the best.