“Nature made personal. SASCOM is committed to working with nature, not against it.”


KINGDOM by SASCOM is a brand that has always believed in doing things the smart way. For over a decade, we have been pioneers in everything lawn & garden, leading the industry through sustainability and innovation. 

Gardening and landscaping is not just something you plant and create, and then forget about. In addition to enhancing the beauty and value of your property, your landscape will have a direct impact on your happiness and your home’s security. 

Your garden is likely to be your most beautiful masterpiece. SASCOM is a highly regarded supplier of products to aid your landscape vision and make your garden time relaxing, tranquil and peaceful. Our Kingdom range includes a fine selection of garden living products and accessories, DEFRA approved amenity and forage seeds, fencing and screening, eco-friendly landscape fertilisers and garden chemicals (MAPP 20044 – safety instructions and authorisation holder details on the actual product labels), watering, roofing tiles, metal gates and posts. We continually update and perfect our range to reflect changes in trend, material and style.